13 September 2006

the wire

all right, so this is supposed to be a movie blog, right? but here's the thing: this is a show that is better than most movies. there's that old assumption that movies are more artful than tv shows, but that has been seriously challenged in the past decade or so, with stand-out shows like "twin peaks", "the sopranos", and now, "the wire".

rob has seriously been pushing this one, and there's a reason why: this show is so dense, layered, and detailed that even though it sounds like a cliche, the show really acts less like a show than a great novel.

the news came in today that they are picking this shit up for a fifth season, so check it out. and god bless hbo.


Blogger Rob said...

Fuck yeah! There is something appealing about a movie's frame--no matter what, it's done in two hours. But The Wire is if not the first then definitely the best show ever to take seriously the idea of stretching plotlines across episodes, hours, years. Best show ever!

6:55 PM  
Blogger austin said...

i'm gonna have to check this out. i think some of the best writing out there is going on in TV: Sopranos, Lost, Deadwood...

it's like what Dickens would have done if he lived now: serialized narrative

5:30 PM  

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