11 November 2007

high fidelity

speaking of anti-heroes...this is a situation wherein a hollywood movie simulates life and not a fantasy. rob really IS a "fuckin' asshole." what a brave choice by john cusack (as co-writer and producer, as well as star) to have the gumption not to tone him down, make him more sympathetic. he admits -- straight to the camera! -- that he cheated on his girlfriend, borrowed much money from her, contributed to her having an abortion. in addition, because he's so happy his ex hasn't slept with her new beau, he goes right out and sleeps with someone else. right as he leaves his one-night stand, he starts right in again with wondering about if laura's going to sleep with ian. he can't get it out of his head, ruminates on it our loud, and in lesser hands, this kind of kvetching would be unbearable. it is a testament to cusack's charm and talent that even in his ugliest moments, we are right there with him.

also remarkable is the local color -- they get wicker park right. i know because when i first moved to chicago i lived in that neighborhood and caught the dying end of that alternative scene. they use chicago landmarks, such as the skyline from the chicago river (for the "five things i miss about laura" scene), the music box (during his date with his movie-reviewer ex), the double door (rob's dj spot), but they use these landmarks and this sense of place to shed light on these character's culture, not to cash in.

i have been in many situations similar to those shown in the movie, some of them very recently. it is rare that a hollywood movie hits the notes so right that it makes you say "eureka!" you come to cherish those times, and i do.


Blogger ayatollah assahola said...

"gumption?" what the fuck are you? 80, with a walker and piss bag strapped to your stomach?

7:20 AM  
Blogger ayatollah assahola said...

I really hate this movie.

7:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dear ayatollah, you are high.

10:27 AM  
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