26 February 2011

Top Ten of 2010

Usually these fall into one of three categories: movies that I felt were unjustly overlooked, movies that I feel will stand the test of time and be remembered instead of fading into obscurity, and movies that are just plain great.

Warning: lots of spoilers below!

My top ten of 2010:

"127 Hours" – Aron cuts his arm off, and there’s a beat where he almost can’t believe that he’s actually free, and says thank you.

"Buried" – The shock of the final twist as the voice on the phone apologizes and we are left with black immediately before the credits.

"Exit Through the Gift Shop" – Banksy showing us/Thierry his counterfeit currency.

"Four Lions" - The rap and "bombing" at the lecture.

"The Kids Are All Right" – Annette Bening realizes she’s being cheated on, comes back to the table, looks around with all the sound muffled.

"Lemmy" – Lemmy in a tank.

"The Social Network" - The regatta sequence.

"Somewhere" - Johnny Marco drives his Ferrari around a track in the desert, over and over and over again.

"Toy Story 3" – The toys realize they are goners, and accordingly band together right before they are to be incinerated.

"Winter’s Bone" – Ree Dolly cuts off one hand, and it is explained to her that she must cut off the other. The sound of the chainsaw.

Ten more great moments:

"Black Swan" - The final dance, where Natalie Portman sprouts wings.

"The Fighter" - Dickie watching "Lost Lives in Lowell" while in prison.

"Harry Potter 7" - Harry and Hermione's dance in the tent.

"I Am Love" - Tilda Swinton eating a prawn, literally lighting up as she chews.

"Incredibly Small" - Amir gives Anne his key to the apartment and they hug for too long, almost kissing, almost reconciling, before he finally leaves.

"Lovers of Hate" - Chris Doubek taking a bath at a car wash.

"Marwencol" - Mark Hogancamp lamenting not wearing heels, before finally putting them on and returning to the gallery.

"Pirahna 3D" - The fish eat Jerry O'Connell's dick and then burp it up.

"Putty Hill" - The shock of hearing the offscreen interviewer's voice for the first time, right after a rousing paintball match.

"The Town" - Jeremy Renner, knowing he's about to die, takes one last drink of a soda he finds on the street.

Edit: Movies I wanted to see but haven't yet

"The American"
"Animal Kingdom"
"The Illusionist"
"Never Let Me Go"
"Scott Pilgrim vs. the World"
"The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia"


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