20 March 2006

snakes on a plane

do you know about snakes on a plane?

i only bring it up because skirt mentioned it in the comments. here's what i know about the picture:

1. its about snakes on a plane.
2. it stars samuel l. jackson
3. it co-stars that fat kid from "fat albert" and "good burger"

i read something where slj said, "i signed up for the movie just based on the title. 'snakes on a plane' -- you either want to see that or you don't." in fact, they even tried to change the title, and he vetoed it! samuel l. jackson was adamant that this movie was called "snakes on a plane". it's hilarious to think that he's that casual about picking scripts, but in this case, i think he's right: any movie called "snakes on a plane" is going to be good, at least in some way. it tells you everything you need to know.

will i see it? well, based on this, i'd say yes. i'd say hell yes.


Blogger skirt said...

excellent...GoodBurger looks so calm in that shot that you posted...I would not be calm about 5 snakes in my lap. Thanks for humoring me.

9:09 PM  

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